Rapid-fire updates about the last 8 1/2 months: Eurotrip after exchange year was fun, getting back and seeing friends and family was great, college started off well, and I am loving life right now but still have many fond memories of my time in Germany and traveling around Europe.

I'm at the University of Virginia studying Economics and Anthropology (Foreign Affairs? Global Development Studies? Philosophy?) while keeping up with my German and learning a little bit of Spanish. Right now I'm on Spring Break, although with the snow it doesn't quite feel like it. Tomorrow I will be going back to my high school to talk to students there about gap years, which, I hope, will bring this whole thing full circle.

I hope at least a few of you out there have gotten something from this blog. On my end, it was definitely fun to write and is even better to look back on. If you would like to contact me with any questions or comments on any of this, the best way from now on will be to e-mail me: kevinpuj at gmail dot com

I encourage all of you to check out opportunities to do something you've never done before. Students, I urge you to consider whether a gap year would be something for you. It's a fantastic time to get out there. Definitely check out the Congress-Bundestag Exchange Programs, which include programs for college and vocational students, at www.usagermanyscholarship.org

Perhaps a future iteration of this blog will document possible Teach for America or internship abroad experiences. Who knows what is to come. :-P

Take care.

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